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Driver Training Services


At Ultra Driving School, we strive to provide our students with a fun and dynamic educational atmosphere that will empower them to tackle challenges and take on new experiences so that they can accomplish their driving goals.

Gold Defensive In-Car Driver Training.

Learn lifesaving defensive driving techniques proven to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents. These techniques are used internationally by Emergency Drivers and Couriers. This course enables the average driver to significantly enhance his or her driving skills!

Silver Defensive In-Car Driver Training.

With this package, you will receive our high-quality on-road instructions. This is the next big thing to our gold course above. This will help you judge time and space margins more accurately and understand the three steps of See-Think-Do, which make up response time to any situation!

Bronze Defensive In-Car Driver Training.

This prepaid driving package is made for students who had over 30 hours of driving experience and just need a little time “finishing school” to make sure they are ready for the government road test!

2-Hour Evaluation Lesson.

Find out if you are ready for the road test! We will observe your driving skills, correct any mistakes, and help you improve. At the end of the session, you will receive a free written evaluation and recommendation on what skills you still need to work on!

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What to Expect in Our Courses.

At Ultra Driving School, we practice a student-focused approach with every lesson. By taking the time to listen to our students and take note of any concerns they have, we can adjust our lesson plans to suit their unique needs. Doing so also allows us to fully observe our students’ driving techniques and to provide individualized feedback on how they can improve in the future.